Gelato Giuliana is available to gelateria’s, supermarkets, retaurants and banquet facilities in unlimited flavors.

Provide your patrons with a dessert that is not only superb in taste but contains all natural ingredients. It is a pure delight for the discerning patron who does not want to sacrifice exquisite taste for a health conscious diet.

Satisfy your customers by featuring a truly healthy yet decadent dessert. They will appreciate your commitment to providing them with the very best.

We guarantee that one taste of Gelato Giuliana will surpass your expectations.

Business Opportunities

If you love our gelato and are interested in owning a Gelato Giuliana cafe, we'd love to speak with you! We offer, not only a premium, authentically delicious Italian gelato, but the qualified support and guidance of a franchise, without any of the restrictions and fees.

Giuliana and the Gelato Giuliana team will provide valuable hands-on assistance with:

--picking a retail location

--negotiating contracts

--cafe design

--supplier contacts & resources

--continued support

-No Franchise Fees/Low Investment

Gelato Giuliana is not a franchise, so there are no franchise fees, only your own business plan & start up investment.

-Reputation & Quality

Gelato Giuliana's popularity is growing rapidly, creating an enthusiastic following. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

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