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Giuliana Maravalle, founder of Gelato Giuliana has been following her passions and turning them into success stories since she was 19 years young. An entrepreneurial veteran for over 45 years, she has developed and operated several enterprises until “retiring” in 2006 to pursue a dream bringing the wonderful gelato of her youth in Italy to the United States. But there was a problem,... she was not able to find such a product stateside! So she traveled to Italy and learned from the masters the art of making Italian ice cream.

Back in her picturesque hometown of Ascoli Piceno, nestled in the heart of Italy, Giuliana embarked on an incredible journey to master the craft of traditional artisan gelato making. She sought guidance from renowned Italian gelato masters, whose expertise and deep understanding of the centuries-old techniques were widely respected.



Tradition & Quality

Under the gelato masters' tutelage, Giuliana worked with unwavering determination. She immersed herself in the art of gelato making, absorbing every detail and nuance with meticulous care. The masters unveiled the time-honored traditions, sharing their secrets of achieving the perfect balance of ingredients that would tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression on every scoop.



Gelato Ingredients

The gelato masters enlightened Giuliana on the subtle art of churning gelato to perfection. They stressed the need to avoid over-aerating the mixture, which would compromise its smooth and creamy texture. Giuliana discovered the exact timing and speed required to create an indulgent and velvety gelato that would melt delicately on the tongue, offering a sublime experience with every spoonful.

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Growing up in Italy, and impressed on by her mother and grandmother, Giuliana knew the importance of selecting only the finest and freshest ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible. They emphasized the significance of precision in measuring each ingredient, ensuring that the proportions were impeccably balanced. The delicate dance of flavors became second nature to Giuliana as she mastered the art of combining ingredients like velvety milk, rich cream, and pure cane sugar with exquisite fruits, nuts, and spices.

Oreo Gelato

Equipped with this newfound knowledge and driven by an unwavering passion for gelato, Giuliana made her triumphant return to the United States. Fueled by a desire to bring the authentic taste of Italian gelato to her community, she dedicated herself to developing her own unique recipes. Giuliana experimented tirelessly, refining her creations until they reached a level of perfection.

And so, with each batch meticulously crafted using traditional methods and infused with Giuliana's creative flair, Gelato Giuliana was born. 

Ascoli Piceno Piazza del Popolo.jpg
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